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Hey there, I’m Marti Duke. I'm a Student Graphic Designer studying at Auburn University.


I'm a Junior studying Graphic Design and minoring in Marketing at Auburn University. I love Mexican food more than anything in the world, suspense movies, modern art, baroque art history, and photography. For the past three years, I've learned skills in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Web Design, Print Design, and Publication as well as producing projects to build my portfolio. Some of my favorites things are beautiful typography, minimal and simplistic design, engaging websites, interactive packaging, and beautiful, breathtaking photography. I have experience working as a Student Graphic Designer for Auburn University's Student Affairs Department, and have spent the last year facilitating projects for many of the clubs and organizations on Auburn's campus. I enjoyed being able to interact with many different facets of the Auburn community and design challenging and unique projects such as an Interfraternity Handbook for incoming freshmen, newspaper ads on behalf of organizations for the Auburn Plainsman, certificates and awards for recognition ceremonies, and many, many more. 


"There are no inherently good ideas, nor fundamentally bad ideas, nor even any original ideas. But there are always appropriate solutions. The audience's ability to understand and the context in which communication takes place are the fundamentals - all else is negotiable."

- malcolm garrett


Some of my favorite projects in my portfolio include niche chocolate bar packaging and a re-designed country music album. These projects taught me the importance of integrative design and purposeful imagery and concept, as well as creating refined packaging to appeal to the consumer. 

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